Letter from founder

Dear visitor,
Our mission focus is to provide quality education. We sponsor scholarships to the economically backward, wealthy talented young students for their quality higher education. We believe lack of education is one of the biggest barriers that prevent people from making a chance to healthy, quality and productive lives. Proper education plays very crucial role in contribution of making the better society which ultimately built the culture of peace.

In our vision, this will be achieved through providing quality education to the needy, deserved and economically disadvantaged students with immense Godís gifted talent. Due to the lack of financial support, those talents and intellectuals should never be wasted and should be properly utilized not only for the individual growth but also for the creation of better society. We sponsor scholarships as charity and my policy is about providing scholarship is not only to make educated persons, but also to make Ďknowledge personsí those may participate in raising the GDP growth rate which allows the nation moving forward.

Itís my belief that, I blessed with what I have now is through my quality higher education with immense exposure and access etc. To me education is an admirable thing and is there any thing which I could give back to society is that to provide quality education to economically disadvantaged meritorious students who are with good discipline. This is my sole motivation to establish a charitable trust to financially help wealthy talented young students. In addition to this, our team also helps in other kinds to improve the lives of physically challenged and mentally disabled childrenís in general. To this end, working on this big goal on providing quality education with constructive innovative strategies we can help deserved students to get the chance for the better life and bright future.

Yours faithfully,


Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love
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